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Is there an app or script that I could throw the photos at that would read the EXIF creation date and create the folder structure and move the photos? Of course I'd do a backup first. They use iPhoto eventually Photos, when I upgrade them from Mavericks , which I'm not terribly familiar with.

After I get this folder structure set up can I get iPhoto to import into the same structure? ExifTool does the sorting into folders part, don't know about iPhoto. Why do you want to organize the pictures before importing them into the Photos app?

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Photos will automatically organize your pictures according to EXIF creation date. So importing them will take care of the problem for you. If you are worried about duplicates, there are a number of solutions for that, albeit none of them perfect. There are third-party apps -- the one I use is called PhotoSweeper -- that improve on the duplicate detection in various ways. Thanks, Bangaioh! I have used ExifTool on my work PC for very basic tasks; I should have known it was powerful enough to do what I need here.

Will give that a shot. There were no YYYY folders with subfolders for each day, either. The first stage was to sort by camera info. Then having grouped the relevant cameras together, sort each group by year and month. It also appears to work with any file type. Worth every penny. Man, thank you for this program. You are to be congratulated!! Thank you for writing a excellent software. You have saved me so much time! I shall recommend to everyone I know. My photo collection was such a mess. With this program I was able to put all my photos back in the order that they were taken, At the same time it was able to take all the duplicates and put them in a different folder.

The photos with no exif data are in a special folder. It took about three days to complete this task.

I am very happy. I did buy the extra features. I put a bunch of folders I would like processing together and sort them by Year and Month through PhotoMove 2. This program is amazing. I used it to consolidate my photos from my PCs, laptops, external hard drive, and several different backups into one central location.

How to Back Up and Organize Photos From Your iPhone or iPad

Folder output structure is highly configurable. It can detect duplicate photos and provides several options for how to handle them. If it finds files or pictures that do not have EXIF dates you can optionally move them based on file date. To top it all off, the developer is awesome. I was clearing space off my phone by moving the photos I had taken onto my computer.

However, I had 2 years of photos all in one jumble — albeit a chronological one. I spent about 30 minutes manually creating folders and organizing my photos, before I realized that there might be a better way online. I found PhotoMove via a Google search and it is perfect! Exactly what I was looking for and it has saved me soooooooo much time. Thank you so much for developing this! Your email is blocked. Here is the result I get when I tried to email you another copy of your information: —— The delivery status notification errors ——.

If you feel you received this in error, please contact the recipient directly and ask them to check their email settings. Just wondering how long I should wait in order to receive my download link I just paid for it with PayPal.

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You can use PhotoMove on video files as well as on photos. PhotoMove will move and organize any video files that contain exif data. Most modern video cameras from the past 5 or more years now embed exif data in the file. You can search your whole computer although I would NOT recommend this or an entire drive at one time using PhotoMove. To search your entire computer simply set the folder to search in Step 1 to Desktop. The problem you may have is that there are a lot of file, other than image files, that contain exif data.

PhotoMove will find all of these and this will include more files than you probably want. Also, there may be issues when searching this way in Windows OS folders and hidden folders. In your next update can you offer a setting to search the entire computer not just individual folders for photos and video. Program works great. However, some files fail to have the date taken data.

For these files, an option to sort into folders by file creation date would be a fall back option that would be appreciated. I would pay for that upgrade. For now, you could just change the time settings in your camera to a time zone 8 hours ahead of the one you are in.

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Then it will start a new day. I want that my day start at 8 am to 8 am the next day because I want that my party photo taken after midnight are in the same folder then the one take before midnight. I have been looking for a program that would do exactly what photomove 2.

I am amazed at how liittle time it takes to sort the pictures and how error free it is. I am currently including this feature in the upcoming PhotoMove 2. Thanks for your nice comments and your donation. I really appreciate hearing from users who have saved time and been pleased with PhotoMove. I would really appreciate your feedback. One enhancement I would like is the ability to create a folder for the camera model from the EXIF data. With family members all backing up their photos on my drives I would like to keep them separated by the camera model and then use the date structure below that.

Mike, your program saved me. I had two copies of my photos: one set on my computer and one set on my external drive that I use for back up. After having to reformat my computer wiped out one set , I tried to use an automated backup program to return my photos to the computer hard drive. I was horrified. After separating my documents and videos from my photos, I was left with 20 thousand photos in one folder. I knew that most of my photos had exif data, so I after a cursory search on Google I came across your program.

What a relief! I let your program run overnight and in the morning I found that only a thousand photos had no exif data. Mike, I just wanted to let you know that I donated money to you through PayPal. Mike, keep up the good work, my friend! It seems to find any file that might be an image file.

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PhotoMove will run fine in Windows 8. If you still have a problem, delete the program then re-install it with admin priveleges. I am planning on releasing a new version. Do you have an option for organizing the photos into months? I sent you a more detailed answer by email, but here is the short story in case others have questions. If you MOVE files, and if the files you are moving contain exact duplicate files, Exact duplicate means the file name and the exif date created are both exactly the same for each file , only one copy will remain in your destination directory after the move.

In other words, if you have many duplicate copies of the same file on your hard drive, you can use PhotoMove to process the folders that contain the duplicate filse, and they will be sorted by date taken into the destination PhotoMove directory folder that you specify. If you edit your files make changes to the original photo and then save the file with the exact same original file name, and if, in the future, you put another copy of that same original photo on your hard drive, and then you decide to run PhotoMove on both these photos, they will both look the same to PhotoMove.