Is mac pro longwear concealer good for dry skin

Does what it promises:. Tried this product yourself? I really dislike the bottle of this — the dispenser always pumps out too much! Also, have you noticed that the product has a weird smell?

Mac Pro longwear concealer

But, it is a very long wearing concealer, I like it applied with a damp beauty blender type sponge for a more natural look. Like Liked by 1 person. I agree, it definitely pumps out too much for what you actually need. I also found it applies best with a damp sponge.

Claims for MAC Pro Longwear Concealer

But does it cover up properly? This post was written by our beauty fairy and not me…Ive just invested in a concealer from Mac and am pretty disapponted:.


The MAC Prolongwear formula is great for my under eyes — I use two different shades, an orange-y one to correct, and a lighter one to conceal. The Select cover is lighter coverage, and the Studio Finish is a thick cream, with more coverage. Which one did you get? I got the mineralize concealer, have you tried it? A mac salesperson picked out the shade for me, and it looked good in the store, but when I tried it at home it covers upp very little and you have to use tons…you seem very knowledgeble in this field, who helped you pick out your concealer? I know what you mean about the salesperson making it look good, but I think they do use a lot of product.

Like Like. Hey thanks for your inputs and for dropping by our blog: This post was not written by me, so no idea how it smells…but do you feel it covers up well for you? It smells like a damp dog to me…! Damp dog…you are hilarious: Please come back to our blog and give us more inputs on products you have tried!! It really is heavenly and perfect for what I was looking for.

Mac Pro longwear concealer

Full review will be up on the blog next month. Have you ever tried it?

No never, looking forward to the review…: do you have heavy rings to cover up? Im like a ghost: How much is it? I have puffiness and dark circles to cover. Anything too heavy seems to make the whole area worse for me! I have a medium to olive complexion. Thank you soo much, will def keep my eyes open for your review too…sound very expensive, but if it really covers up then maybe worth it: Btw join our give-away!

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer — Project Vanity

It is a bit expensive I agree. This is a medium coverage foundation that gives a dewy finish. I found this sunk into my skin a lot better than Studio Sculpt. This is a very thin, serum-like foundation, which is pretty undetectable on the skin. I would say this gives a light-medium coverage and would be a good one if you hate the feeling of makeup on your face.

YSL All Hours Liquid Foundation: £35, YSL

I like the fact it took away my redness, without looking like a mask. If you don't like heavy makeup, you will hate Studio Fix. It smells a bit like paint, it's full coverage and there's nothing natural about it. But if you want flawless skin, you can't go wrong.

This used to be my "party" foundation, because it makes your look skin look plastic fantastic in IRL, and in pictures, plus it lasts all day. High coverage, matte finish and budge proof. If those three things sound appealing to you, Pro Longwear has got your back. It's definitely not a 'no makeup' look, but if you don't want to worry about touching up your makeup throughout the day, this is fab.

But be warned, if you have dry skin, this isn't going to be forgiving. This is a more forgiving version of the original Pro Longwear. It has all the original benefits plus it's waterproof but I just prefer the slightly less matte finish. If you want high coverage and long-wear, but have dry skin, this would be the one to go for.

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