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But the iMac was running Yosemite. So I upgraded it to El Capitan and tried again—and sure enough, when I plugged the Magic Trackpad into the iMac, it worked—everything, including Force Touch, was supported. Then I unplugged the trackpad… and it still worked. Well, that was unexpected. I assume that if I upgraded that laptop to El Capitan, though, it would work as expected. All I can share are my experiences with these two older Macs in my house, running older versions of OS X. This is a bit of a last resort, and will affect other Bluetooth connected devices, including your Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, which may have been working fine.

This will remove all existing pairing information for Bluetooth devices , so each will need to be reconnected. You need to have the Bluetooth icon showing in the menu bar. Once the menu is showing, release the keys. But please, help humanity by taking the time to describe your actual problem, otherwise how on earth is anyone expected to help you. Lets see what happens. It does work for sure. You have to turn off the keyboard first just like it says above.

I then went to the window to set up bluetooth keyboard and then tilted the keyboard sideways on my knee and held the power button during the whole process, until the code came up for me to type in. With my free hand I clicked to connect to the keyboard when it was discovered still holding the power button. When I received the code, I stopped pressing the power button and typed in the code. My grandson has a MacBook Air whose keyboard is unresponsive.

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He cannot get past the sign on screen. I have not tried to connect a wireless keyboard …. Cheers — Marin. You seem to have tried a PRAM reset but it should be Cmd-Opt-P-R, and you should here the chime when the Apple logo appears at startup, keep the keys pressed until you have heard the chime twice to be sure , but also try an SMC reset Shutdown, not sleep , then hold Shift-Ctl-Opt on the left side only and also hold Power for 10 seconds, release all keys then press Power as normal to switch on. Thank you for your help.

My problem was that the keyboard icon appeared in the Bluetooth list of my Macbook Air but I kept getting a message that it would not connect.

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I found in the end that the solution for me was to remove the keyboard and then add it again. Once it was rediscovered, the code appeared and now everything is fine. Borrow any wired USB keyboard or mouse from a PC or Mac for the sake of being able to do any keyboard or mouse input to get around the problem.

The annoying notification appearing in the bottom centre of the screen. There is not the same switch on this model as the AA battery type so the above procedure is not appropriate.

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However, your problem is not with establishing a connection with the Mac, but in maintaining it. This suggests that the keyboard may be experiencing interference from other devices on the same frequency as Bluetooth, namely 2. It would be good to see if you can reduce sources of interference, or look at how the keyboard and the Mac are situated to see if there is a source of interference or something that might be otherwise degrading the signal.

Also, check the batteries you are using, power fluctuations might be affecting the keyboard circuitry and its ability to maintain a connection.

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Magic mouse issue, which appeared when I updated Abode Flash not sure if its coincidence or not. The mouse now only tracks vertically, in line, and not allow any other movement. I reset the bluetooth as you described and now the mouse can very slowly move around a little bit at a time. But still not any where need the speed one would fine acceptable.

I ave a new Apple brand bluetooth keyboard. Silly me….

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Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. How to set already-paired bluetooth devices again into discovery mode? Ask Question. Anything I find on google just mocks me.

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Will this be when you are near the Mac it is already paired to? I guess you three are right: I guess I was wrong. Aug 11 '11 at I took the Magic Trackpad for example, but it applies to Apple Bluetooth keyboard and Magic Mouse as well When you start a Magic Trackpad, it announces itself over bluetooth: If a Mac "hear" it and is paired with it, they connect each other and you can't use the Magic Trackpad with another Mac.

If no previously paired Mac are near the Magic Trackpad, it will be available to a new pairing. Stop your Magic Trackpad and start it again near B. Shutdown A Once done, you can start a new pairing procedure on B. I hope it answers your question. Can't you just hold the power button while powering on to force the device into discovery mode? I agree it's better to not have another device paired, but I've been able to temporarily shift things in the past using a keyboard once with an iPad. I think it still can be "catched" by a paired Mac but I should try to be sure.

Will post here if I do so.

Moving desktop computers isn't very easy. Micke Micke 4 2.