Mac brush 134 vs 150

I love the SS for concealer under my eyes.

I love the SS but I've been using it for lips which works great! The SS I don't seem to use much. When I do use it, I use it for highlighting. It's my new HG brush for lining with fluidline. The MAC is great but I like the SS more because it's a bit firmer which makes it easier for me to get a perfect line with. Love it! It's also not as dense. These are both great brushes for different uses. The MAC is great for smoking out the lower and upper lash line because its dense. I don't like using the MAC in the crease though because it feels a bit scratchy on my lid.

Specs of MAC 134 Large Powder Brush

Since the Sigma version is not as dense and softer I love it for the crease. Again I love both of these for different reasons. I have been using the SS for cream shadows and paint pots. I prefer using the MAC for pressed and loose shadows. The MAC is fluffier and a bit softer. I love them both.

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They are both great for blending and crease work. They are made of natural hairs but don't specify what kind. Both are dense and do a great job with packing on color to the lid. I prefer other brushes for foundation. These are both great brushes for primer or cream blushes though. Monday Morning Podcast Oct 28, 52 min.

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Day 2 of Beauty Tools & Essentials: Face Brushes

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Dupe for MAC 134 Brush: Crown Brush Studio Series -- C309

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