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Though abandoning the path of the Jedi, Kyle still undertakes missions for the Republic. Though they lost to the Rebellion, pockets of ex-Imperial forces, called "Remnant" remain formidable threats to the order of the Republic. After fighting an impressive array of stormtroopers Kyle and Jan find that an imperial scientist called Galak Fyarr has been experimenting with artusian crystals hoping to infuse troopers with the power of the Force. Having wanted to delve into this further the republic send the duo to a planet called Artus Mine - which uses slave labor. Kyle releases the slaves and saves them from a massive armored assault on the planet's surface.

Before he can rejoin Jan, Kyle is forced to confront Fyarr's powerful confederates, a dark Jedi Desann and his appprentice Tavion. Without the force, Kyle is easily overpowered by Desann. Tavion captures Jan and apparently kills her. Seeing Kyle outperform on the Jedi trails leads Luke to conclude that Kyle has taken force power from the Valley of the Jedi.

Luke warns Kyle about the course he's chosen, but also gives him valuable information about Desann - including the fact that Desann had actually gotten his start at the Jedi Academy before turning to evil, and that Desann may be linked to Reelo Baruka, a crimelord on Nar Shadda. The two defeat Reelo's forces and escape for Cloud City on Bespin.

By the time they arrive, the city has been overrun by Remnant forces. Kyle also encounters "Reborn" - Force-wielding warriors fighting for the remnant. Despite their numbers and their powers, they lack discipline and Kyle defeats them. Eventually, Kyle is found by Tavion, who is skilled and powerful, but ultimately outmatched by Kyle.

The defeated Tavion begs for her life, telling Kyle that Jan is alive. Kyle sneaks aboard one of the Remnant ships, thinking that it will bring him to Fyarr and Desann. The robot ship eventually lands on a Remnent base hidden on an Asteroid.

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He also finds a huge assault force being marshalled - signs of a huge Remnant invasion in the making. Again confronting Reborn, Kyle meets up with Luke Skywalker.

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Luke has some bad news for Kyle - Desann had manipulated Kyle into returning to the Valley of the Jedi, and followed him with an army of his warriors. Republic forces eventually drove them away, but not before many of Desann's soldiers were empowered by the massive force energy of the Valley. Kyle reunites with Luke, but not before Desann appears again and separates them.

Aboard Doomgiver, Kyle fights off hoards of Stormtroopers and also Reborn.


He also faces Shadow Warriors, minions of Desann who wear special armor capable of absorbing lightsaber power. Despite the obstacles, Kyle finds Jan and send a warning signal to Rogue Squadron. Once Doomgiver drops out of hyperspace, Republic fighters attack it. Kyle defeats Fyarr - who wears a huge suit of mechanized and ray-shielded armor - and then sabotages the ship's main generator, dooming the ship and Fyarr. Unfortunately, much of the invasion force has landed and is already advancing on the Jedi Academy.

Escaping with Jan from the now doomed Doomgiver, Kyle reaches the surface of Yavin 4, and battles waves of Remnant forces to reach the Academy. Once inside, Kyle links up with the Academy's many apprentice Jedi, and all fight back against the Reborn. The choice is your own young Padawan. NOTE: you will become a Jedi knight after defeating Rosh for the first time if you didn't know already. There are two endings for this game light side ending and dark side ending. First go to the level in which Rosh sends out a distress call and needs your help.

Then when you get to him the screen says put away your light saber but to get the dark side ending you have to kill Rosh with your light saber. Now if you want the light side ending put away your light saber when the screen tells you to and at the end of the game you will become a member of the Jedi order. Please note if you choose the dark side ending you will have to face more enemies than you do in light side ending! First load a game with the double bladed saber then quit it so you can start the game with a double bladed saber the play till you get to choose a new stance then choose the strong stance then play till you get to build a new saber then choose standard saber and when you enter a game the stance after red will be yellow then you will be able to kick and use all the other double bladed moves.

At the start of the game you get to choose your player with any light Saber.

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Choose a character and then go to saber type and choose Style I think and look for the longest one there. Then while playing the game choose that character and get your light saber out then press 'b' again and you get a double light saber. I'm sure it's in style but it may be in another one. It's a lot easier to fight with it but instead of throwing it you have to get really close and then press the left trigger and you kick them.

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When you run quickly PRESS the crouch button to make your character roll then as you do this hold down the attack button default: left mouse button This will make your character roll on the ground then stab your light saber into the air, enemy, items. Two Sided Light Saber: Press the crouch button and walk forward then press the attack button If You Can do this right your character should run then jump into the air at a short distance rolling in midair swinging your light saber.

When fighting a rancor, or mutant rancor attack it with your saber till it grabs you. If the rancor throws you away, just stay floating till he grabs you again. If the rancor bites you, you'll play as a pair of legs that move faster than normal, cannot wield a lightsaber still can throw it and are invicible!

Except to rancor bites and death-drops. First get the gun off the rack in the first room then go outside. During gameplay press start and hold down the right analog stick and press right, left, down, right, up.

If you do it correctly a sound will confirm it. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Right, you know there are all these evil light-saber-y type dudes?

Apple profiles Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

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