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Safari around here, and Firefox normally wins out. But let's get more granular. I may be alone on this, but Firefox on my Mac has always been a bit on the buggy and sluggish side compared to Firefox on Windows. Your mileage, as ever, may vary.

Revert to Default Word Template on a Mac

Word Processor: There are a lot of good alternatives, but as much as I hate to say it, there really is only one Microsoft Word for now, at least , and the latest version of Word is only available for Windows. Well, not anymore. Smart favorites, droplets, and excellent Quicksilver integration sway my vote toward Transmit for all of my FTP duties.

Text editing: There are a lot of very good text editors for Windows, but I still haven't found an editor I like better than the Mac-only TextMate. It's macros and interface are excellent.

Change the Default Application a File Opens With on Your Mac

One cool thing about Parallels is that you can launch Windows applications with Quicksilver now, so you really wouldn't need Launchy in this setup at all. Text replacement: If you're a heavy user of text replacement applications like Windows-only Texter or the Mac-only TextExpander , it's worth noting that these utilities only work with apps running in their respective OS. I as the biased creator prefer Texter for some of its more advanced scripting capabilities, but both apps are very good at what they do. Some of my desire to run Firefox and other applications in their Windows variants is influenced by my heavy reliance on Texter in those applications.

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If you need text replacement in both Windows and Mac apps, you can run both. I'm very curious to hear which combination of Windows and Mac applications would make up your ultimate hybrid operating system, so throw in your two cents—and any other thoughts—in the comments. Adam Pash is a senior editor for Lifehacker to whom OS monogamy is out of the question.

His special feature Hack Attack appears every Tuesday on Lifehacker.

How to Configure Microsoft Word for Mac to Launch with a New Document

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Open With: Just this document, just this time A friend has e-mailed a rough draft of a document created in TextEdit and saved in Rich Text.

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Question: Q: Question: Q: making word for mac my default program for doc files I just purchased word for mac, was using parallels before. But it keeps opening up my parallels program and going to the MS version of word. How can I set word for mac as my default program?

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More Less. All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. Aug 7, PM in response to Montes In response to Montes Sorry, I just noticed that it actually does open all my doc files the way I want, but the docx files for some reason are still resorting to the MS version of word in parallels.