Share itunes library between mac and windows

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Share iTunes Library Between Devices

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How to Share iTunes Library Between Computers - Using Home Sharing

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As the price of solid-state drives comes down, it's reached a point where it's hard to recommend a system without at least a hybrid solution. In the battle of SSD vs. HDD, a clear winner has emerged. Must have been an iTunes update. Is this normal?

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Each user is defined as an Administrator. Will this make a difference? Did you move the entire iTunes folder? If so it should all work fine. If you only moved the iTunes library file then it wont work properly. Yep, moved the whole itunes folder to the the Shared user folder. Everything is in there from what I can tell. Do I need to run the same commands under the second user or just the first user? Sounds like one might still be pointing to the old library if you copied it. Steve, thanks again for your assistance. Thanks so much for these instructions.

It seems to have almost worked for me but I have run into one problem. I am the user the added the iTunes folder to shared. Would you like to locate it?

How to Share Your iTunes Library Among Multiple Devices | News & Opinion |

Hi Deborah, Sounds like your music files might be in your account so your husband's account can't access them? It should be in Shared. If not, do this. The crucial one is the Copy files. You need it to copy the files to the iTunes folder when adding music otherwise iTunes will look for them from where you added them, which could be anywhere in your account. The act of moving it all into Shared makes all of these files visible to other users.

You might need to re-add the files if they aren't in Shared. To do this, just drag them out into a folder on your Desktop, delete from iTunes, then drag back in and they'll be copied into the iTunes Media folder, which is now in Shared. This all worked beautifully. Thanks, Steve, for laying out such a thorough and clear process. Someone had asked earlier in the thread if the same fix works for iPhoto. Otherwise works like a charm. Thanks for the easy instructions on how to share one library between two users.

All worked like a charm, until I bought a song on one account. When I change the permissions the changes work for the songs already added, but not for those I add after I make the permission changes. Not sure about purchased songs sorry. I really wish Apple would put out an official solution…. This thread is incredibly useful. Thanks to you and everyone else who has contributed. I tried sharing our music using the method recommended by Apple, but came unstuck when I tried to sync our phones.

The phones appear to get confused when trying to sync the apps. The Apple article says to move the iTunes Media folder to the Shared folder, but for iTunes 9, this includes the Mobile Applications folder. Friends of mine who have migrated from older versions of iTunes do not seem to have the same problem because their iTunes Music folder is stored separately from their Mobile Applications folder, meaning it can be moved without causing the same confusion.

How to Setup Home Sharing in iTunes for Mac and PC

Unfortunately, to someone with my limited expertise, this does not appear to be possible in iTunes 9. Do you know a neat solution or could you suggest a work around. Any help would be greatly appreciated! The solution was to reset the permissions again via the chmod command. We only have the two users so set it to — insecure if you are on a large multi user system but fine for normal use between a handful of trusted users. Hope this helps,Steve. Though there are songs we each have in our own respective libraries we would like to share with each other.

Part 2. How to Share iTunes Library with Home Sharing

Following these steps will allow us to utilize the other persons library, but is there a way to copy songs from one library to another easily? I really don't want to combine all of our music into one library that is shared I heard this technique from a friend. There must be an easier way.

Please help this beginner MAC user. You can do this by just selecting music or albums in iTunes and dragging them out to copy the music files. Technically it should so long as both accounts have RW access to the same folder. Post here if it works out, and the process you followed! Nobody in the discussions seems to know either. I will be linking some people to this page. It worked like a charm for me, except I used the Get Info window to change permissions recursively. I added one user and gave her read-write, not everyone. Seems to be a problem-free solution so far!

If too much trouble, then please point me in the right direction for additional help.