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Managers and employees feel like family. Promotes cultural diversity. Helps employees express their personality and artistry through makeup. Mac cosmetics is a great company and is very diverse which is amazing. The Benefits are also great! Mac Cosmetics is an amazing innovative company to work for. I had a great experience there for many years.

I excelled in my Artistry and Management skills throughout my long journey. MAC is a fun upbeat company to work for. MAC also let's you be you and show off personal talent and personality. Amazing company if you are good at sales. MAC used to be the leader in artistry but has now turned to the car dealership in the makeup world.

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You get training pretty often if you live close to where trainings are help. There is absolutely money to be made as long as you can hit your sales goals. No life outside of work. Money was good.

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Lol But I did learn a lot!! Do not apply unless you see MAC long term and you are truly committed. Coming into work at MAC I'm prepared to give the best customer service possible going over and beyond in every interaction. Managment is always supportive. The culture is fashion forward, music always playing, great flow of customers all day. The environment is all based around shopping with our customers and showing and teaching them about the MAC products.

I don't really find to many hard things to deal with at work at MAC if I had to choose it would be putting on a full face of makeup everyday before work sometimes that could be challenging. Then on the other hand getting ready for work is one of my favorite parts of the job and my interactions with my customers.

The most empowering place I have ever worked. MAC credo "All ages, all races, all genders" lives in many ways in the company. This brand is about empowering people to live their lives exactly how they want, weather just copying looks from an Instagram celebrity or creating a stylized look just for that person. Its like making magic. All jobs have their ups and downs of course, this is still sales, and you must meet those requirements, however, the training you receive will be very in depth and rigorous so that you have all the tools you need.

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Productive and fun Workplace. I loved working here because I love makeup and it was fun being around the industry. The staff and managers were good and there was so much growth within the company but my job here was temporary because I was in school break during this time. Exciting and Challenging work environment. You are given the opportunity to lead your own business, and guide the store leaders to drive their own businesses.


It is a collaborative environment and the people are creative and intelligent. A productive and fun place to work. Love the passion for fashion. MAC was amazing place to work for to the people and products it is all over and amazing place to work be at. The education they provide for their employees keeps you passionate about what you do.

As a freelancer for years kept me knowing when I left to pursue something different I could and would always want to come back. Makeup boot camp. Managers are rude, favoritism of course at every store.

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Lots of spiteful treatment. Trainers are hard and teach you when. Started five years ago, co workers are catty, 3rd keys abuse power at times. But you stick it out and learn. Where to begin?

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It will inject money into underserved communities, including the LGBTQ community and that of vulnerable women and girls. View this post on Instagram.

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